Essay about The Warmth Of The Savages

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The Warmth of the Savages
In Mary Rowlandson captive story, there are many events that show how the Indians treated her and everything she had to go through as a captive. Now even though the reader sees her point of view of the Indians, this does not give the reader a full picture of both sides of the story. This meaning that the reader does not get a full point of view of the Native Americans as well. The actions of the Native Americans do contradict what Rowlandson is telling in her story because she is interpreting things through her point of view as a puritan. She does not know exactly why she went through such a thing. Instead she goes on to believe that she went through all of that because God was testing her faith. In way, that may have been true but the real reason lies upon the Natives.
In the late 17 centuries, there was new world slowing raising to the top. People from all over Europe began migrating to the new land called New England looking for many different opportunities. From religion, to jobs, and even for land to claim. Now before all of these people started coming, there upon the wilderness of the new land lived these “savages” as the European like to call them. Today we know them as the Native Americans. The Europeans began taking over the new world and kept pushing the Indians to side. Eventually, the Natives became desperate after many of them were dying from diseases, hunger, and even being killed by the own Europeans. This drove the savages to do the…

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