The Warming Of Earth 's Atmosphere Essay examples

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“No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change” (Obama).

Since the 1750’s Industrial Revolution, human activity has contributed substantially to

the noxious warming of Earth’s atmosphere; the United States’ extensive burning of fossil fuels

and its subsequent emission of greenhouse gases have consumed an equivalent to 7% of our

GDP in 2006 alone, and an estimated $9 trillion in pollution-induced illness in just the past 30

years (Environment America). An unfortunate but evident truth of this destructive phenomenon

resides chiefly in national ignorance: China and the United States, respectively, are the two,

largest emitters of harmful gases in the world, as well as the holders of the two, largest

economies (He et al.). The U.S.–China Joint Climate Change Agreement of December, 2015

presents a progressive platform to impede the growth of artificial climate change through

American and Chinese collaboration – a revolutionary partnership in which Foreign Service will

play a vital role. As an officer of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and

Scientific Affairs (OES), I will be part of a major force in realizing the Joint Agreement’s

ambitious objectives. The OES is tasked with promoting transformational diplomacy through

advancing environmental stewardship, encouraging economic growth, and promoting social

development around the globe (U.S. Dep. Of State). To incorporate our mission into resolving…

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