The Warming Effect Of Climate Change Essay

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Climate change has been a highly discussed issue for the past couple years, especially now that the signs of climate change are becoming more visible. According to a Wikipedia article on the history of climate change, the change in Earth’s climate began in the 19th century when ice ages and other natural changes were first identified. The idea of the “greenhouse effect” was also introduced at this time. In simple terms, the greenhouse effect refers to the increase in earth’s temperature due to the radiation absorbed and re-emitted by greenhouse gas molecules, such as Carbon Dioxide, as stated by the climate change 2007 synthesis report. The re-emission by these gas molecules is what causes the planet to warm up, or otherwise known as global warming. Scientists pointed out this warming effect of carbon dioxide in the late 1960’s, though some still questioned this theory at that time. About 10 years later, the warming effect became clearer and more scientists started to support the greenhouse effect theory. By the 1990s, there was a clear statement made that not only were greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, but the contribution of human emissions of these greenhouse gases was increasing, and global warming was starting to become a severe issue. On NASA’s climate change website, they present a graph showing the carbon dioxide levels (parts per million) dating back 650,000 years. Until about 1950, the levels of this greenhouse gases were quite stable, hitting a low…

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