The Warfare Of The Greek Dark Ages And Classical Era Essay

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The Warfare of the Greek Dark Ages and Classical Era The act of war is one that is very complex in nature, due to its attachment to mortal human desires and politics. The reasons for which humanity, specifically the Greeks, engaged in warfare evolved throughout time. As the Greeks transitioned from the Dark Ages to the Classical Era distinct differences can be found in their method of going to war, and fighting during it. The transition of command moving from the hands of private individuals to that of the state, is the most prominent difference between the time periods. This movement of power will determine the actions and mindsets of Greeks during times of conflict. The image that many have of Greece within our history is that of a civilized empire, comprised of several city-states, which epitomized human advancement in culture and politics. This image however, did not pertain to Greece during the Dark Ages. This time period is described as “Cities were destroyed, population declined, villages were abandoned, and trade decreased.” (Understanding World Societies, page 119) This era was most importantly characterized by the constant violence between war lords who took advantage of the chaos. Although there are few written records of this time, epics such as the Illiad give some insight to how humans interacted between each other and how power was distributed during the Dark Ages. “Achilles’ Anger,” an excerpt from the Illiad vividly portrays how the warrior class…

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