Essay on The War With No End

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The War with No End Since 1971 the United States and the global community has been gripped in a hard-fought ward, not one based in ideology, but one against public enemy number one narcotics. Since then, the United States and its international partners have been fighting a costly game of cat and mouse between governments and illicit narcotics syndicates both abroad and domestic. This so-called “war on drugs” intensified from the 80s, late 90s due to the crack cocaine and epidemic. The aim of this literature review is to present an argument at issue in the research across the discipline and how to end the war on drugs and how it affects drug users, law enforcement, and the general public. The war on drugs has been tackled by different disciplines and different writers. For example, in “The War on Drugs—a war on drug users?” By Julian Buchanan and Lee Young explored the effects of the late 1980s UK drug policy that has been seen as reactive and counterproductive (Buchanan 409). The two authors discuss how that the drug policy is founded in response to the drug epidemic of the 1980s were to reaction case and lacked any real practical or enforceable measures. This sentiment was also echoed in “The Never-Ending Drug War: Obstacles to Drug War Policy Termination” by Renee Scherlen. These two articles even though they differ and time of release. Both are structured similarly each respectively approach the topic from different disciplines “The War on Drugs—a war on drug…

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