Essay about The War Was Over The United States

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On the afternoon May 22, 1865, a small band of soldiers from the 22nd and 28th Iowa regiments left their camp. There had been a heavy rain the night before. Their destination was a large peach orchard not far from the rows of white canvas. Some of the men had visited the orchard before. They had discovered a kennel of “bloodhounds,” ferocious animals whom they knew were once used in the pursuit of enslaved people and believed had been placed on the trail of Union prisoners of war. The owner of the orchard, an older man by the name of Butler, had previously threatened peach-seeking soldiers with the beasts. The 22nd and 28th Iowa regiments had been encamped at place called Shultzer’s Hill with another Iowa regiment, the 24th for several days. The high ground might have served an army well in battle, but these soldiers had no expectation of combat. It had been more than month since the surrenders of Lee to Grant at Appomattox and Johnston to Sherman at Bennett Place. The war was over. After two and half years under arms, many of these volunteer military men were anxious to return to their homes. The soldiers of the 22nd and the 28th had traveled thousands of miles from their homes in eastern Iowa. Both organized in Iowa City, they had fought in a dozen major battles from the fight for Vicksburg to the disastrous Red River Campaign in Louisiana, to the Sheridan’s conquest of the Shenandoah Valley. For the men of the “Johnson County Regiment,” as the 22nd was nicknamed, the…

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