The War Over Slavery And Freedom Essay

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750,000 died when Americans went through a war against one another.1 One of the events that led to the civil war was yet another “war” known as the border war, or bleeding Kansas. In what many historians believed is a war over slavery and freedom. Parke Pierson stated, “it can be argued that the Civil War actually began in 1854 when blood stained the prairie grass of the Kansas Territory.”2 Questions that arise from bleeding Kansas is how and why it happened, how bloody it was, and in what ways it affected the United States of America. “Bleeding Kansas was a violent clash over slavery in a place that had few slaves,” said Nicole Etcheson of Ball State University.3 The Nebraska-Kansas Act as Etcheson says, is the correct name for the act that replaced the Missouri Compromise.3 The act allowed the people to choose whether to have or ban slavery.3 As a result, a new territory was open to become a slave state.3 Uncertain that the act’s passage would benefit the South, most southerners appreciated it.3 Alexander H. Stephens, Georgia’s congressman, stated that the act was a “moral victory.”3 On the other hand, “Northerners were horrified.”3 During the territorial election in 1855, there were 2,905 eligible voters; but it was not simple.3 The people from Missouri crossed the river to vote and to keep free-soil emigrants from voting by intimidating them.3 The North were outraged because of the election fraud by Southerners.3 The “recipe for conflict” according to Etcheson was…

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