The War On Vaccines And Vaccines Essay

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The War on Vaccines The “Vaccine War” produced by PBS, enriched my views on vaccination and it’s benefits, because i didn 't know the power of herd immunity before the documentary. Before, I believed that vaccinations should be up to an individual and they should do as they want. Now, I think that vaccination should be required, due to the high potential risk of turning it down as compared to the risks of adverse reaction due to the vaccines.In regards to the connections between autism and vaccination.Results should be studied in more detail, and delivered to the public through the work of mass media. Documentaries such as the “Vaccine War” can be used as a way of delivering conclusion made by science to the public. Although the documentary leans towards the perspective that vaccination using numerous examples of studies debunking the ideas expressed by the anti vaccination movement, it puts out facts and results which can be testified, therefore, it’s more reliable than videos found on the internet and complaints of people against the idea of vaccination. However, the problems raised by the anti-vaccination movement should be studied in more detail, geared towards the general publics health and wellbeing, and the results should be reported publicly and in an understandable manner, in order to make them available to everybody.Since vaccination decisions not only affect mothers and children, but also their community, these decisions should not be treated as individually as…

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