Essay on The War On The World War II

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In 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and Britain together with France declared war on him. This was the start of a war that would span over six years. There was a destruction of property gained during the rise after the First World War. “The products of industry-tanks, submarines, strategic bombing-had destroyed the structures of industry society-factories, ports, and railroads (Joshua Cole 643).” The Second World War is estimated to have claimed 45 -60 million lives. This war is said to the most deadly events to ever grace the face of the earth. The war was fought on many fronts. It was a war between two main political camps on earth; the allies and the axis. The axis was made of Germany, Italy and japan. The allies included Britain and France. United states later got involved in the war on the Allies side and this unbalanced the situation. The military superiority of the allies and their management won the battle against the axis. The war concluded when the Soviet Union together with the western European powers brought Germany to its knees on 8th May 1945. Japan decided to continue with the war but America bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki using atomic bombs. Japan eventually surrendered on 15th august 1945. Modernization now took its course well after the Second World War in the healing process of the globe. The world war two changed the political and structure of the world. The United Nations was born then.
After the Second World War, most of the colonial subjects under the…

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