The War On The Jewish Community Essay

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Elie’s world as he knew, was changing around him, nothing is the same and nothing ever will be the same about his life ever again. Elie and his family had lived upon the start of the war when the first actions of relocation of the Jewish people had been moved, they started with foreign Jews and moved them to build the camps. It all begins towards the end of 1941 when the Nazi’s had then started to enter Sighet (Wiesel Page 4-5). The war had been going on for two years and the Nazi’s and the pure Germans blamed the war on the Jews and the only thing to be done was to commit genocide on the Jewish community. Elie, who was deeply religious as a child had become a young man with a strong sense of morality. When it had came to the end of the war Elie didn’t recognize himself he might as well have just been a corpse looking in the mirror, because of the way he had lived in the concentration camps. The Nazi’s were monsters, they didn’t care about anybody but themselves. The moment they had entered Sighet they had harassed the Jews, they forced the Jews into homes in the ghettos and took all of their possessions that they wished to have (Wiesel Page 36). Elie first observes the Germans he learns to fastly act and had begun to hate them, he’s never hated someone in his life until now. That was because of the attacks they had portrayed on children. women and the elderly which had began to fuel his anger with the Germans. When Elie had arrived at Auschwitz he had then seen the true…

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