The War On Iraq A Case Study Essay

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The war on Iraq a case study.

Following on from the first gulf war in 1990, when George Bush came into power in 2001 the idea for a second invasion of Iraq become a prominent feature of the US foreign policy. Bush accused Iraq of developing weapons of mass destruction which then lead to the United Nations intervening and assessing the countries weaponry. No such weapons were found but the US pressed the issue further, gaining backing from the UKs Prime Minister Tony Blair, along with other countries such as Poland and Australia. On March 20th 2003, the US declared war on Iraq with the backing of coalition forces. The invasion by the coalition forces was quick initially, but were slowed several times by the Iraqi army. This ultimately didn’t stop the US lead forces who through the aid of Air, land and water assaults managed to complete their objectives, Gaining control over the large cities ending in the capture of Baghdad. The invasion took just three weeks to complete. However the coalition forces were set to occupy the country for the next nine years, the next task for them was the capture of those in charge of the Saddam regime and help with rebuilding Iraq as a democracy. Post invasion Iraq saw the first election of an Iraqi government and with it the rise in Islamic terrorist group insurgencies who opposed the new Iraqi constitution. The constant barrage of attacks from the insurgencies had caused casualties to both coalition forces and civilians. In 2006 a civil war…

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