The War On Drugs Is A Failure Essay

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The war on drugs is a failure and should be terminated The National probation on drugs dubbed “the war on drugs” is a failure in almost every sense of the imagination, as it has only led to economic problems such as increased taxes on prisons and increased police activity. It has also put a much higher demand on drugs, and as a result, has increased drug activity. As stated by economist and Milton Friedman in an interview with award winning drug reporter Randy Paige, the United States alone spends tens of billions of dollars a day on minor drug arrests. Another problem with the war on drugs is that despite the heavy cost of imprisonment among citizens, people still continue to use drugs, in fact, according to Dr. Michael Lowenstein the medical director of Weismann Method Medical Group, drug use in the US has actually increased during the war. Dr. Lowenstein stated, “under our current drug policy, rates of heroin overdose have quadrupled since 1999. He goes on to say “several decades of scientific research have made It clear that our current approach to fighting drug abuse simply isn’t working.” With the problems involved with the continuing drug war, and the simple fact that it just is not working, the US should decriminalize the use of drugs and in return, terminate the war on drugs. The most common topic of discussion concerning the war on drugs it the fact that it is simply not working. As previously stated, the use of drugs has gone up since the war on drugs…

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