Essay on The War On Drugs As An Abject Failure

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First Supposition: The War on Drugs as an Abject Failure
The first supposition that I have chosen to discuss is about the War on Drugs as an abject failure. I chose this supposition because I definitely agree with this statement. I believe that the War on Drugs has failed at their efforts of trying to reduce and eliminate the use of drug and has overall failed at improving society. As a result of the War on Drugs, I believe that it increased racial profiling and the incarceration of African Americans, especially males. Furthermore, due to the increase of sentencing on drug related crimes, this has also caused overcrowding in the jails. As a result of receiving a felony due to a drug related offenses, this later prevents individuals from being productive citizens. Once the charge is added to one’s criminal record, it can later prevent them from obtaining employment and even from being able to vote. As a result of these factor, this can increase the risk of recidivism. Furthermore, I believe that too much money has been wasted on efforts to eliminate drugs from society and instead efforts should be focused on drug treatment. Overall, despite the efforts made by the War on Drugs, drugs continue to be heavily used and manufactured throughout the United States.
Detrimental Effects of the War on Drugs
Illegal drug use has been a prevalent issue in society for many years. In 1971, Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs in order to criminalize the possession, use, and…

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