Essay on The War On Drugs And The United States

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The Revolving Door
In 1971 Richard Nixon became the first president to voice the term “war on drugs”. Today, the war on drugs is in action and the United States struggles with drug addiction becoming a serious public health issue. In the last decade the United States has spent a total of one trillion dollars on criminalizing drug addicts: four hundred and fifty billion on the prosecution of drug offenders, forty nine billion on law enforcement, twenty billion on drug related war in different countries, thirty three billion on youth drug awareness programs, one hundred and twenty one billion on the arrest of nonviolent drug suspects and two hundred and fifteen billion was spent on other costs (Cite). The United States is in fact encouraging the drug cycle to continue rather than resolving the issue. Society must regard addiction in all its forms, as a health issue and not a criminal and judicial issue in order to improve the American drug problem. Progress will only be seen through abstinence based rehabilitation centers not prison or the criminal justice system. The war on drugs can be improved by breaking the drug cycle, providing therapy treatment for addicts, allowing former addicts to maintain jobs and administering housing to addicts experiencing recovery. Some may say that drug addiction should not be treated medically because society should not be shaped around a small amount of people who can become addicted to illegal substances. Prohibited drug use has been…

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