Essay about The War On Drugs And The United States

2487 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
Is the war on drugs a complete failure of a policy that has not deterred drug use, has some racists roots, hurt innocents, ruined lives and is a waste of money? The policy has been in place for over forty years and we are no closer to ending it than we were forty years ago. Has the policy that has cost the United States over a trillion dollars yielded any results?
According to an opt-ed by Buchanan, Julian “the war on drug is nothing but a war on drug users.” Even though it was in reference to the United Kingdom the drug policies of the UK and the United Stated are similar enough that it hold relevance in this discussion. He states the main problem in the war on drugs is how the approach, punishment, fails to acknowledge the extent, nature and diversity of illegal drug taking and many illegal drug users ignore the laws. They fail to treat the consumption of legal as a highly complex social issue and treat it as an act of depravity. He then proceeds to state all the war on drugs does is punish the user. It has led to high incarceration and little success. Prohibition has been tried countless times and every time it’s been tried, it has led to unintended consequences, like an increase in organized crime, and an increase in the incarceration rate to name a few. Our drug policy currently follows the crime-control model which leads to policies that emphasize the criminal justice system 's arrest and punishment of the offender as the means of deterring crime and repressing…

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