The War On Drugs And The Canadian Border And Beyond Essay

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When you think about the war on drugs the main things that come to your mind are that they are illegal and can cause serious health problems. Colombia is the main contributor to the making and transportation of illegal drugs from Latin America to the Canadian border and beyond. Ever since President Reagan declared a war on drugs in 1971 the use and import of these drugs have skyrocketed. With the demand for drugs increasing and the easy access from south America into central America to transport drugs, it was no wonder that many people took advantage of this lucrative movement. Even in 2016, Colombia is still a country known and feared for its drug trafficking organizations but now instead of focusing on stopping this problem it is more of finding a way to help people who are being affected. An example of a forward thinking change to this problem is Portugal who in 2001 decriminalized drugs. This was a way of trying to think of drugs not as a judicial problem but one of health, trying to help treat and prevent the addiction of these drugs. Would a system of decriminalization help Colombia change from being controlled by drug lords into a place where people care live happily and get the help that they need?
Jennifer Holmes wrote a book called “Guns, Drugs, and Development in Colombia” the main point of the book is to give the reader a background on how the drug problem started in Colombia and the people that it affects. It gives strong background information that is good for…

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