Essay about The War Of The World War II

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World War II was easily one of the most impactful wars in human history. It destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people and has directly impacted the future of nearly every nation on earth. Starting with the Japanese invasion forces that spread across the Pacific Islands until the aftermath of the post-war period in the Pacific of the 50’s and 60’s, the changes wrought by the Pacific War on the island civilizations were drastic and severe. During the war, more troops were stationed on many islands then there were inhabitants on that island, and they brought with them not only destruction but also new technologies and other good things as well. Directly following the war, the nuclear era took hold of many areas in the Pacific and impacted the lives of many environmentally. Further down the road, memories of the Pacific from the many American troops led to an increase in tourism and travel to the islands as well as the beginnings of a cultural appropriation that would change the culture of the islands as well. Finally, as the post-war period came to a close the independence era began to shape the political landscape of the islands for the rest of the 20th Century. In World War I, Japan took part in the war effort by conquering the Pacific Islands that were previously controlled by the German Empire and they were granted control over most of Pacific above the equator before World War II started. However, as the Second World War broke out, Japan signed an agreement with…

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