The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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In America, we learn about how we beat the British during the Revolutionary War, even before we were a country. How we jumped in during WW1 to help bring it to an end. Also how we raided the shores of Omaha to save Europe from Hitler, and drop nukes on Japan. We learn about how we beat the Soviet Union so hard during the Cold War, that they don’t even exist anymore. One war that America doesn’t seem to talk about is the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a proxy war during the Cold War, but it is always swept aside. The Vietnam War divided the U.S. as the war continued throughout the years. The U.S. shouldn’t have been involved in the Vietnam War, because the Domino Theory was not correct. Before the U.S. started combat in Vietnam, there was the First Indochina War. France had colonized Indochina for many years, until Ho Chi Minh, a communist leader, and his group called the Viet Minh started to fight back (“Vietnam War”). The U.S. supported the French in their war, because it did not want communism to spread even more than it had already. The French military effort was not going well against the Viet Minh. Fate was decided after France lost at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu (“Vietnam War”). This led to the Geneva Conference. In the article, “Vietnam War,” the author informs, “At peace talks held in Geneva, Switzerland, the French agreed to a gradual withdrawal from Vietnam. In addition, the country was temporarily divided into North and South regions until open elections could…

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