The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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War affects not just the ones who are fighting in it, but the ones who are near the war and the future generations. One of the wars that had a huge impact on people was the Vietnam War. This war had lasted for almost thirty years and caused many deaths for both of the troops in the United States (U.S.) and Vietnam, grief and suffering, and lost of homes. This war started as a series of conflict that began in the 1940s. After being exiled for thirty years, Ho Chi Minh had secretly returned to Vietnam and created a nationalist organization called the Vietnam Independence League (Viet Minh) and helped the U.S. military intelligence agency Office of Strategic Services (OSS) rescued downed American pilots. In 1945, Japanese oust the French colonial government which had been operating independently and seized control of Vietnam, installing Bao Dai as a puppet ruler. A famine strikes Hanoi and caused two million deaths from starvation out of a population of ten million. This caused the peasants to rebel against the Japanese which helped Ho Chi Minh spread his Viet Minh movement. In the late July, the World War II Allies divided Vietnam in half and gave Vietnam, along with Laos, and Cambodia to the French. When the Japanese surrendered unconditionally, Ho Chi Minh became the president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The first American death in Vietnam occurred in September 26, 1945, OSS officer Lieutenant Colonel A. Peter Dewey was killed by being mistaken for a French…

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