Essay on The War Of The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War originally did not involve America, and when they entered it in 1965, what began as a civil war became an international battle. The My Lai Massacre, one result of American intervention in the Vietnam War, caused immediate tension between the American soldiers and devastation for the Vietnamese, leading to escalating opposition on the home front, and ultimately the shattering trust in the United States’ government policy. The change of support for the War, particularly in America, affected it in the Vietnamese’s favour.
The Son My area, specifically My Lai 4, was suspect to being a stronghold for Viet Cong members and sympathisers. The American military division of Charlie Company from the 11th Infantry Brigade were sent on a search-and-destroy mission to eradicate the Viet Cong from the My Lai hamlet. The intelligence that reported Viet Cong activity in My Lai was suspected to be faulty, because upon entry of the village, when the American soldiers opened fire, they received none in return. They found most people at breakfast or working in the rice paddy fields. Nevertheless, Charlie Company went through My Lai rounding up citizens, most of which were women, children and elderly men. The Viet Cong that had been present had slipped away before the Americans arrived, but watched from afar their arrival in the hamlet (S.M Hersh 2015, P 323 para 4). The soldiers gathered hundreds of Vietnamese and began firing on them. Lieutenant William Calley ordered citizens…

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