Essay about The War Of The United States

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One would think that an American citizen of the United States would have knowledge of all the wars that our military has fought in sadly, this American, meaning myself, does not. In fact, the wars I do know about is most likely only a small tiny portion of the battles that were fought. I know there were wars with other countries and wars within our own country but even then, I still don’t know much about them. Here is a brief example of all the war’s I am familiar with; First, The American Revolutionary War that was fought in America in 1775, against Great Britain. The purpose of the war was to fight for our independence and declare ourselves an independent United States (thirteen colonies) of America. Second, The American Civil War in 1861. This was a war between the southern states and the northern states of America. In brief, the south wanted their own independence away from the northern states to keep slavery going among other things. Third, I am not aware of specific names and dates but the wars of Americans and Indians. The purpose was America to take over Indian Territory. Fourth, The world wars, World War I in 1914 and World War II in 1935. The purpose of each war was to stop the Germans and their allies from taking over Europe, America allied with Europe. World War II was considered the worst due to the most deaths of civilians, military members, and of course the genocide of the Jewish people. Lastly, Iraq War was to destroy al-Qaeda and kill Osama bin Laden for…

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