The War Of The United States Essay

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World War I was supposed to be the end, the war to end all wars, but World War II had plans of its own. These plans included pitting countries against one another, confiscating many human lives, and setting the stakes for the world in its aftermath. With the actual fighting beginning in Europe, the American people balked at the idea of sending American troops overseas to fight in another war. The United States began sending aid to European countries until the war struck at home. The war greatly affected many European allies of the United States by causing casualties and great destruction. The American people saw then that acting within the war was inevitable, and President Franklin Roosevelt began to lead the country into the fighting. Intervening in World War II when the United States did allowed it to fight to protect the world’s freedom. The responsibility of the President of the United States was to represent the country’s citizens and their wishes; to go against these wishes, especially in large matters like engaging in a war, could make or break the President’s reputation and the country’s well-being. Isolationism and neutrality were the immediate reactions of the “Cabinet and military advisers... President Roosevelt… [hurried] together” on the night war began on September 3, 1939 and these reactions were maintained for years until the war in Europe spread to American soil (Overy 258). After having experienced the devastation of World War I and the Great…

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