Essay on The War Of The United States

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Throughout the centuries, America has been through multiple wars, slavery, discrimination, racism, segregation, and trying to unite as a patriotic county. When America was first discovered, it a was new uncharted land and White settlers wanted to show England that they could live by themselves, without help from Parliament. As time progressed, colonies came closer and closer to their freedom, but made a few enemies on their road to patriotism and freedom. Although, America gained its independence on July 4th, 1776, the United States also went through some hard times after becoming a free country.
As Hitler gained power and became stronger during World War II, the United States had remained neutral about war until the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans began to feel threatened and betrayed by the Japanese-Americans. All over the West Coast, Anti-Japanese Paranoia began to increase because there was a large number of Japanese- Americans living around the area ("Japanese-American Internment"). When the Japanese attacked the mainland of The United States, the government began to see Japanese-Americans as a security threat. The year of 1942, was a devastating time for Japanese-Americans because it was the year President Roosevelt signed to relocate all Americans of Japanese ancestry to concentration camps ("Japanese-American Relocation"). All around Japanese-American community, evacuation orders were placed immediately for relocation. Many of…

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