The War Of The United States Essay

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Throughout our history, Canada has taken part in many long fought battles, and win or loss, we have proven an impact for our county that shows to this day. Aside from our losses, we have truly had the ultimate win to showcase and say the country that Canada has come to be today.
On July 6th, 1944, “Operation Overlord:” the Allied Forces attacked German forces located just off the coast of Normandy, France. This was the Invasion of Normandy or more famously referred to as D-day; the largest invasion in history. Without the bravery of our country, it is needless to say the number of lives that would have been lost. Without the perseverance of our country, it is needless to say what could have resulted in World War 2 if we hadn’t been there to help end it. Canada had gained independence, fought and saved lives, and gave a remarkable hand that helped the final ending of WWII. These have impacted the history of not only Canada, but also the world today. The independence Canada has was not always as strong willing and out there as it is today. It was D-day that helped give Canada more liberation and the push it needed to be recognized. The strategy of attack for the invasion required (and was given) patient and strategic planning for all the forces involved. With such a large-scale area to attack (an 80 kilometre stretch), a team of three nations (The Allies) was necessary. Canada was given a major role on this day; it was assigned Juno Beach, one of the 5 (: Utah,…

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