The War Of The United Kingdom Essay

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Brexiters are in crisis, especially after US President Obama 's recent visit to the United Kingdom. They were so much troubled and feared that they descended into ad hominem against President Obama.

Boris Johnson, the leader of the Leave campaign and mayor of London, suggested that President Obama had anti-colonial mindset obtained from his Kenyan father. Although the reference was made to the removal of the bust of British Prime Minister Churchill from the Oval Office, Johnson was angry because of his intervention on behalf of the Remain campaign.

President Obama was in London, mainly, for two reasons. One, he wanted to wish the Queen happy birthday. Two, he wanted to support Prime Minister David Cameron to win the referendum of 23 June 2016, when the British people will decide whether they want to keep their country in the European Union or not.

Britain is divided almost right in the middle at the moment regarding whether they should stay or leave. While Prime Minister David Cameron, the chancellor, and the majority of cabinet members are campaigning to stay, six ministers have been openly working to leave the EU. After Obama 's visit, the remain campaign has gained a slight edge over the leave campaign.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is to blame for creating this crisis and the ugly outcome if the British people decide to leave. He had pushed the panic button of a referendum when a small UK Independence Party, led by a flamboyant former banker Nigel Farrage made…

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