The War Of The Soviet War Essay

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Seeing us standing next to each other, it’s a little hard to tell just how we’re related without any context. Myself, a medium tall black kid, and more than a little lanky. My grandmother, on the other hand, barely scrapes five feet in height, and seems quite compact by comparison. With arms wide open, an apron covered in flour, and a brimming smile, she’s the first to greet you opening the door. Since her reddish hair and accent have both faded with time, she now looks quite ordinary in the rural town she lives in. Her story is anything by ordinary, though, and begins far away from Michigan. By the time my grandmother was born, her family had already been on the run for weeks. Following the end of WWII, Russia had started to encroach on the smaller countries around their border. Vowing never again to be devastated like they were in the recent conflict, the Soviets quickly built up these satellite nations in their own image, all too often smothering the population in the process. Already months pregnant, my great-grandparents and their three children packed what they could and headed west, walking, like so many others, away from a leveled Eastern Europe. Arriving in Germany intact, they stopped to rest. The family was soon surprised by the birth of my grandmother and uncle, twins, but two months premature. Proving too much to handle on their own, they moved to a refugee camp run by the Americans. Finally, safe and warm, they would stay there for three years before getting…

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