Essay about The War Of The Soviet Union

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America is a very competitive country, they always have to be number one in everything they do. During the twelve year space race, if the Soviet Union would have been the first to put a man on the moon, then America would have had to retaliate by spending more money, doing endless research on going to Mars and possibly starting a settlement. The space race would descend, but America would never settle being in second place for long. The love for the country would drive the United States into many more years of a very long race. America wasn’t really into the space race at the beginning when it commenced in 1957. The Soviet Union was significantly ahead of the United States for a long time. In 1957, the Soviet Union dispatched Sputnik 1 to circle the Earth,“Visible with binoculars before sunrise or after sunset, Sputnik transmitted radio signals back to Earth strong enough to be picked up by amateur radio operators. Those in the United States with access to such equipment tuned in and listened in awe as the beeping Soviet spacecraft passed over America several times a day.”1 The next year, the United States finally joined in the space race by sending satellites into Earth 's orbit, but failed miserably at the attempt. “The Soviet space program went on to achieve a series of other space firsts in the late 1950s and early 1960s: first man in space, first woman, first three men, first spacewalk, first spacecraft to impact the moon, first to orbit the moon, first to impact…

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