Essay on The War Of The Soviet Union

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Shortly after World War II President Truman was facing a new threat that he felt was the ultimate threat to the American way of life. The threat was known as Communism. Truman, like many others around the nation, felt that the Soviet Union was trying their best to start Communist revolutions in democratic counties. This was happening due to the fact that country’s like Greece and Turkey’s economy was “tanking” and political revolutionaries were starting to point the finger at western greed.
Truman was having a difficult time containing this issue as it was. He was now facing a new problem in the east with North Korea and later be a threat of war with China because of it. As if this was not bad enough, Greece was also looking to go to Communism. Truman and the US government believed that the Soviets supported Greece in their revolution but the fact is that Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin had refused to support the Greek revolution. (Milestones: 1945–1952 - Office of the Historian. n.d.). This make the Yugoslav Prime Minister Josip Tito to follow. This did not sit well with the Yugoslavs and the soviets because this boarder was now going to be unprotected by the military. (Westad, Holtsmark, & Neumann, 2014).
Containment of Soviet influences was the goal for Truman. Communism was spreading to country’s the US government felt essential to keeping a democracy. However, The Truman Doctrine provided the US with a sound foreign policy that looked to build relationships with country’s…

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