The War Of The South Essay

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Approximately one hundred miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city lies Villa Americana the last place where you would ever expect to hear English, much less a distinct southern accent from the pre-civil war. Villa Americana, considered by some to be a lost American colony founded after the Civil War, by Col. William Hutchinson Norris. The war which had recently occurred between the northern and southern states was a war that put brother against brother in the hopes of keeping slavery, or getting rid of it forever. Both sides obviously wanted it their way, but only one side would be victorious. The winners, the north, led by Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States wished to move on, and heal the country with the Reconstruction of the south. The loss of slavery in the south left many feeling angry and disgruntled that their way of life was challenged and disrupted forever.
Harriet, Elizabeth, Pattie and Emma Steagall one of the first American families to come to Brazil in 1867
Starting in 1865, a large group of southerners decided that the United States was no longer the place for them. These southerners decided to take fate into their own hands and take a page from the early settlers of this country.
After the Confederation defeat and the subsequent ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, Brazil became the last major slave country on the American continents. Brazilian elites looked with sympathy on the immigration of white Southern…

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