Essay on The War Of The Roses

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For this research paper, I will concentrate on the happenings of the War of the Roses in 1455-1487. The War of the Roses commences as Henry VI’s mental health begins to deteriorate. Due to King Henry VI’s indisposition and consequent weak rule, Richard, Duke of York acquired an interest in seizing the English throne for himself. Opposing the York house was Henry Tudor of Lancaster. Throughout the bout of the War of the Roses, Sun Tzu’s philosophies dictated in his book, “The Art of War,” were incorporated in regards to spy work and espionage. Using Sun Tzu’s works, I will show similarities and try to effectively argue that the War of the Roses took a page out of Sun Tzu’s playbook.
The prominent House of Lancaster was established by Henry of Bolingbroke in 1399, after conquering and deposing his cousin Richard II, King of England. Henry of Bolingbroke was then crowned as Henry IV. Henry IV’s claim to the throne originated from his father, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster who was also the son of Edward III, King of England. Henry IV’s son, Henry V, followed in his father’s footsteps and maintained the legitimacy of the crown. Henry V is credited with starting a military campaign against France and acquiring the French throne. To further strengthen his claim to the throne, Henry V married Catherine of Valois, a French princess and younger sister of former King of England, Richard II’s wife, Isabella of Valois.
Eventually, Henry V died in 1422 at the…

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