The War Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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Many times when the world looks back on the Revolutionary War we leave out one very important detail; aid given to America from the French. Many people know that the French aided the young America in their war for independence from the British, but most of these people miss the full measure of aid that was given to the United States of America. Troops, weapons, and naval support, as well as large sums of money were all something that the revolutionists severely lacked. Without the support of the French, America’s revolution would have likely ended in a crippling failure; if it had occurred at all. Even before entering into the start of the Revolutionary war, the Continental Congress was seeking aid from Europe to support their cause. Benjamin Franklin in particular had many contacts in France who he was able to reach out to for aid (French Alliance). This turned out to be a very good thing, as France had recently acquired some very bad feelings towards the British empire. France was on the losing end of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, losing some of their North American land (French Alliance). France wanted to exploit the weakness that Britain was now having with their American colonies impending rebellion (French Alliance).
As the members of the Continental Congress considered declaring independence, they also discussed the possibility and necessity of foreign alliances, and assigned a committee to draft a Model Treaty to serve as guide for this work. After Congress…

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