The War Of The North And The South Made Strategic Plans Essay

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Going into the Civil War, the North and the South made strategic plans to help them win the war. The North had many advantages going into the war, and some of those advantages include a larger population, more industry, more abundant resources, a better banking system, railroads, a large navy, and they also had Lincoln’s dedication. The South had advantages as well. Some of those advantages include fighting in familiar territory, and the South had better military leadership. The main goal for the North was to bring the South back into the Union. There plans for the war was to blockade southern ports, gain control of the Mississippi River, and to capture Richmond, Virginia. The South’s main goal was to get recognition as an independent nation. The South 's plans for the war was to play defense and to capture Washington D.C.
Early in the Civil War many bloody battles took place. The First Battle of Bull Run took place in Manassas, Virginia, and it was full of soldiers that were inexperienced. The North ended up retreating, and there was a Confederate victory. The Battle of Shiloh was a lot of surprise attacks led by the Confederacy, and the battle lasted for two days leaving twenty thousand casualties. It ended up being a Union victory, and the Union then gained control of Corinth on May 30th. In April of 1862, David Farragut and the Union army captured the Southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana. With this Union Victory, the South lost the port that the Mississippi River…

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