The War Of The Korean War Essay

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As with most wars before it and most wars to have followed it the Korean War came to an eventual yet still brutal conclusion. No war changed the face of the American military more than the Korean War. It was the first war where African-American soldiers got to serve side-by-side in the same units with service members of each race and lead in combat. Grandpa was part of what became a sensational victory, a historic blow struck in the movement towards securing civil rights for minorities in the United States. It only took several hundred years, but Jim Crow was on the decline, and the decline continued with the Brown v. Board of Education and Rosa Parks cases. Whoever approved this technician for entry added their names into the history books as part of a growing group speaking out against inequality and injustice during the 1950s. Upon returning, Grandpa got discharged from the Air Force at the Camp Kilmer barracks, which later got gained either by Rutgers U or New Jersey. Then again, both might have purchased it under an agreement. It got demolished, and the Rutgers Athletic Center—better known as the RAC—got built on the same site in 1977 and still stands today. This led me to believe Rutgers must have had the lion’s share of the acquisition. Grandpa got discharged in August 1954. During the same month, Getulio Vargas resigned as the President and Dictator of Brazil, and committed suicide before the month came to a close. Oh, yeah, and James Cameron and Stieg Lars-son came…

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