Essay about The War Of The Great War

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The attitudes toward The Great War, otherwise known as World War I, changed greatly between the years of 1914 and 1919. Although at first the war was expected to be finished quickly, events turned the course of the war and it lasted approximately four years. The countries who experienced the impact of The Great War felt the effects as the war continued far longer than anticipated. Consequences of the war were far-reaching, affecting every part of the countries – from the government and economy to the family structure within the societies. Peguy wrote “Blessed Are” when The Great War was still in its beginning, in 1914. In Peguy’s poem we see the soldier and his cause exalted. Whether war was needed for national expansion and gain or to protect man’s home and family, it was noble. Death as a result of war was seen as honorable. The mention of God in the poem and the reference of men returning to the earth evoked the idea that God was pleased with the justified fighting, and the dead had returned to their original form (clay and earth). Fighting and death were seen as a part of the cycle of life. This attitude toward The Great War typified the idea of fighting to maintain one’s honor, and also the concept that war was simply a necessity for power and the development of empires. Although these ideas were not new, the expectation of a short war helped maintain a positive confidence. Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est”, written in 1917, began to paint a much different…

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