The War Of The Cold War Essay

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“As the Dust Settles” The Cold War (1945-1963) was fought heavily through propaganda, espionage (spying) and politics, and was the closest history has ever been to a nuclear war. Both, the United States and the Soviet Union possessed roughly equal amounts of nuclear weapons, which were not discharged out of fear of a returned attack at equal or greater intensity. Canada played a moderate role in the Cold War in the sense that, Canada was not considered a superpower, but as a middle power. The importance of Canada’s role in the Cold War was to a somewhat large extent, and was displayed through means of defense (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, North American Defense System), warfare (Korean War, Vietnam War), but most significantly through peacekeeping (Suez Crisis). The Gouzenko Affair initiated the threat of communism in Canada, in response a fear of communism sparked, known as the Red Scare, as well as need for defense and alliances, Canada participated in two major organizations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the North American Defense System, seeking protection. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created solely for mutual defense between the Allies. It was decided that an attack on one member would be considered an attack on all members. NATO 's policy is based on two principles. The first is to maintain sufficient military strength and political agreement to prevent aggression and other forms of military or political pressure. The…

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