The War Of The Cold War Essay

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The only glaring reductions in the cold war occurred at the end of the major wars like descalation for the war in Vietnam before 1973, and decrease in military spending when dress from the cold war to the post-cold war (Sawhney, DiPietro and Anoruo 2007). These reductions were temporary after the 9/11 attacks. The United States military spending escalated, and the country was spending more on the military by 2008, even more than it did during the cold war. In addition, before Iraq invaded Kuwait, huge cuts in the US defense spending appeared unavoidable (Mehay, Stephen and Loren 1990). Such reductions arose from the political changes in Eastern Europe that were widely perceived as reducing military threat to the United States and Western Europe (Ali 2007). As such, the large defense cuts were included in the budget agreement for the fiscal year of 1991, and there were expectations of additional cuts in the following years(English).
As such, there have been calls to reduce military expenditure in the US with the end of the superpower race. There are critical stages in the foreign policy, meaning that normally move corporate policy meaning to favor military funding (Mehay, Stephen and Loren 1990). For instance, the events in 1979 in which the USSR invaded Afghanistan, the overthrow of pro-US Shah government by the Iran revolution led to the successful push by organizations to support increased military spending (Ali 2007). Moreover, the corporations that have fixed foreign…

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