The War Of The Cold War Essay

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The victory for the Allies in World War 2 was not followed by peace, but by the beginning of a new conflict known as the Cold War. In November of 1943, Stalin, FDR, and Churchill met at Teheran to decide the future course of the war. American-British forces invaded Germany through France, which meant that Eastern Europe would be liberated by Soviets. The Allies announced that Germany had to surrender and they created four occupation zones (Dodson Lecture 9/2/15). The Allied powers contributed to the Cold War, by making their military presence in Europe and Eastern nations known to the populations of these countries. German reparations were set at 20 million for the war. When the zones were divided, Stalin agreed to free elections in Eastern Europe to determine a new government, but this caused problems with the United States. The Unites States knew the Soviets were asserting control of Eastern Europe under Communist rule. Both sides were starting to become enemies and not allies. After FDR died, Harry Truman became president and at the Potsdam Conference Truman received word that the atomic bomb was successful. With this knowledge there was a new coldness in the relations with Soviets and the United States.
The United States and Western Germany were afraid of Soviet communist expansion and wanted to put a stop to it. The Soviets did not think their actions were dangerous but only a security measure. In return the Soviets believed the United States’ policy was nothing…

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