The War Of The Cold War Essay

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WW2 was a time where mass destruction was going on all through Europe and North America. The Nazi’s in Germany almost took over the world! After it ended on September 2 1945, the breakout of the cold war was taking place between the Americans and the USSR. Despite all of the conflicts that occurred in the cold war, it marked an important part of Canadian history and the relations between the US and Canada. Although it had generally been between the Americans and the USSR, Canada played a huge role during the process. However, The cold war did have a negative impact on the relationship between Canada and the United States because of the Cuban missile crisis, Avro Arrow, and Bomarc missiles.

To begin with, on October 15 1962, the Cuban missile crisis occurred and was marked as the most heated moment during the Cold War. It brought up many complications between Canadian prime minister, John Diefenbaker as well as US president, John F. Kennedy. The missiles that were being installed in Cuba by the Soviet Union posed a large threat towards all of North America. In fact, they were capable of hitting any target in the United States and Canada. By October 22 1962, John F. Kennedy announced to the public about the crisis in addition to an “immediate naval blockade of Cuba.” As for Canada, Diefenbaker was sceptical about the Soviets intentions. Therefore, he asked to see more proof of the situation and urged Kennedy to send a team of UN inspectors to confirm what the soviets were…

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