Essay on The War Of The Cold War

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In 1947, a War between nations to nations has started. But this is not a direct war like WWI and WWII, this is most about a fight of political and economic from two side. At December 1922, the people lived in Europe had formed a group called the Soviet Union. Each Europe nations share their ideas to each other and worked as group. This governing style is called the communism. At the same time in United States, they uses the system of capitalism which means everyone is equal and they are not limited. Both ideas started to spread through nations which started the Cold War. The important three causes that started the Cold War are Russia is afraid of America’s atomic bomb, USSR’s need for a secure western border, and USSR’s aim of spreading world communism. Therefore, The important three causes had started a War called the cold war. One of the important causes that started the Cold War because Russia is afraid of America’s atomic bomb. Russia don’t have money to kidnap American Scientist and they are afraid of kidnaping them. America don 't wants to share the atomic bomb secret to the Soviet Union and they are afraid that one day Americans would use nuclear bomb to attack them and they can 't do a thing. Russia don 't have the power to create their own nuclear weapon and they treat U.S. as a enemy. After the death of Joseph Stalin in March 1953, Nikita Khrushchev became the Soviet leader. He believes not knowing the secret of nuclear weapon will be very dangerous for their…

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