The War Of The Civil War Essay

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By the outbreak of the Civil War, the image of the “bloodhound” had become an explicit representation of the domination of slaveowners over the enslaved and implicit emblem of the power of the “slavocracy” over the country as a whole. The use of the term “bloodhound” as it was used by anti-slavery forces in the United States traces its roots not to a particular breed of dog, but to their occupation and perceived origin. Beginning in 1796, the term came into vogue as the critic’s term for the dogs imported to British Jamaica from Cuba for the purpose of putting down a rebellion of runaway slaves and their descendants by means of the animals’ prowess as a means of both pursuit and intimidation. The use of these animals was condemned by parliament and King George III as an un-English adoption of a barbarous Spanish policy dating to the days of Cortez. The American press soon began to adopt the term in their descriptions of Spanish colonial conquests to describe ferocious animals unleashed upon the native people. In January of 1840, the United States government began its own importation of Cuban bloodhounds for use in suppressing the Seminoles. This action had been advocated for by military authorities for several years based upon their perceived success in Jamaica and across Spanish America. It was harshly condemned by the emerging abolitionist movement who saw the dogs as inhumane weapons, sympathized with the Seminoles, and saw the entire conflict which some now proclaimed…

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