The War Of The American Society Essay

1252 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
There is a revolution occurring in America. This revolution is not fought with guns or swords but rather with information. The enemy is misinformation and how rapidly it spreads is only the start of the problem. The American society has steadily shaped its citizens into uncritical thinkers that accept any form of propaganda as truth, simply because it is on the internet or spoken by a well-known figure. As citizens of the United States of America we have a civil responsibility to seek education and acquire knowledge, then use that knowledge to educate others. One of the problems facing America is that there is basically no civil discourse taking place. Civil discourse is engagement in conversation with the intention of enhancing each other’s understanding of a topic. Having an honest, objective and insightful discussion with one’s fellow countrymen and women is a rarity because people are too attached to their own opinions and beliefs to step outside of their comfort zones. Most people lack the ability to extract their bias and emotions from information, therefore, most information is tainted with the bias of others. This is where the eight pathological dispositions of the human mind come into the picture. These are natural tendencies used by human minds to protect a person from information that could possibly contradict their ideals and morals. Many American politicians tend to share the same flaws for they lack the skills of thinking objectively and rationally. The media…

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