The War Of The American Revolutionary Era Essay

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Propaganda- it has superb power. It can win wars, earn millions of dollars, and make giant impacts in America through merely posters, advertisements, poems, or songs. Throughout America’s young history propaganda can be found, starting during the American Revolutionary Era when artists such as Paul Revere crafted simple paintings to promote unity against the British (John Bull). Now it has turned into a 187-billion dollar industry (2015 Ad), persuading people to purchase everything from electronics to food products and to vote for political candidates. The turning point of this propaganda evolution was the First World War, when President Woodrow Wilson mobilized the Committee of Public Information, led by former newspaper editor George Creel (Axelrod), to produce propaganda to encourage Americans to help in the war effort. While Creel’s committee had many effects on American society such as the mobilization of more troops for the American Expeditionary Forces and the antagonization of the Germans (WWI Home Front), another effect of the propaganda involved a previously persecuted and mistreated group of Americans- women. The propaganda of World War I, which encouraged women’s large contributions to the war effort, led to the 19th amendment being passed, giving women the right to vote. Women had not had an easy path in American history previous to World War I. For centuries they had lived in blatant inferiority to their male counterparts, often viewed as property of their…

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