Essay on The War Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War started to progress in 1861 when tension aroused from Northerners and Southerners. Many believe the war was just about slavery but it was also about states’ rights and also things such as westward expansion. Slavery was the biggest issue basically though which is why most think of the Civil War as being the war fought to end slavery in the US. Many things led up to tension boiling over in the US such as the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Case, and when John Brown raided Harper’s Ferry.Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 he was a republican but he was against slavery which caused a full out meltdown of the US. Several southern states seceded from the Union after his election and led to them forming the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States of America was ran by former candidate Jefferson Davis. The war officially started when confederates shot at Fort Sumter in Charlestown South Carolina. The Civil War ended in 1965 but is one of the most expensive wars fought on American soil. Almost more than half of the soldiers who fought in the war were either killed or injured. A lot of the states in the south also suffered severe damages. The start of the Civil War really shifted the future of the American Nation. Many slaves escaped the south during the start of the war. The Union generals’ created abolitionist policies in the Southern states that they took control of. Slaves and the little amount of blacks who were free also fought in the war…

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