The War Of Spanish Succession Essay

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In actuality, one can predominantly deduce that within the confines of any conflict between nations, lies the failure of international relations. Furthermore, in the late 17th Century, Europe had fashioned itself a tenuous balance of power, as each empire anticipated for the pseudo-armistice to vanish so another attempt for European hegemony (and ultimately) global mastery could begin. Thus, this was the fundamental basis for both the Bourbon Monarchy (France) and the Habsburg Empire (Austria) in The War of Spanish Succession. Moreover, the desire to attain Spain would lead to an global war, where a myriad of nations each beholding their own motives, endeavored to either restore the quasi-peace that Europe had possessed, or plummet into another war for dominion. In due course, it would be the British, French, Dutch Republic and Austrian empires who would weave the fabric of war, as the meagre expenditure of communication, and eons of hostilities culminated in a skirmish that could have been seamlessly eluded with the competent employment of international relations. The prelude to war was in essence quite meek, for in the 1690’s it was quintessentially presumed that the ill and somewhat maladroit monarch of Spain, Charles II would perish without any inheritors to his sovereignty. Consequently, this was evidently a colossal conundrum for the Habsburgs, for Spain was under their dominion through Charles’ reign. Subsequently, if one perceives the map of Europe in 1700, they…

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