The War Of No Nation Essay

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War is a term that immediately indicates an issue; the one that reflects the political miscommunication between political parties. But when war is mentioned is this the only concern that comes to mind? The battlefield doesn’t only symbolize the issues of the government, but the struggles of the people. The reality is, no matter how strong we might be and how hard we might try to avoid its influence, none is able to escape the battlefield and its staggering moments. Whether you’re a child or an adult, warfare will always find us, and in equal amounts it will dominate our lives. Without any consent or mercy, warfare will take over the most significant components of our lives; our family, identity, and most importantly our agendas. Wars not only extract the juicy part of our lives; the ones that encourage us to keep living, but they also refine our character. The Beast of No Nation portrays this notion, as it illustrates the impact of warfare on Agu; a young African boy. " [The] “Beasts" [of No Nation] does a solid job of showing how quickly a child 's moral compass can be knocked off-axis. . .”. This is evident when Agu; the protagonist of the film, obeys the orders of the Commandant; the leader of a group that rebels against the troops, which attempt to take over their country. After witnessing the slaughtering of his father, grandfather, and his older brother; Francis Weddey, Agu stables upon the rebeling group and the Commandant, which marks the beginning of his…

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