The War Of Great Britain And The Royal Family Essay

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There was a time in the youth of America where the colonies had no ties to each other besides a shared British identity. Early colonialists have been on record for stating they were, “Warmly attached to the King of Great Britain and the royal family”. No one doubted at the time that the future of America would be British. However in the years to come Independence was claimed from Britain. There was an unexpected course that took place where the country was looking for explanations. With the Indian uprising the British had to keep armies in America. They were blocking westward expansions to prevent further trouble, but also wanting America to help with costs with keeping an army on foreign soil. Molasses was taxed first which had little fight. To monetize further, due to their debt loads, the Stamp Act was established by the King 's Minister. At this point, “All hell broke loose”. As explained by Pauline Maier. Everything from paper, stamps, newspaper, pamphlets, dice, and playing cards were taxed. In Brittain taxes were considered free gifts to the people that could be raised with only the citizen 's consent. Since America had no elected representatives in Parliament, they felt being taxed, even a little, was wrong. The Americans made their case and Parliament ultimately declined to entertain their complaints. On Aug 14th, 1765 an effigy of Andrew Oliver appeared hanging from a tree in central Boston. The effigy was in charge of stamping goods coming through town that day.…

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