The War Of European Jews During The World War II Essay

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The Allies did not possess the means, nor the will to attempt a rescue of European Jews prior to 1943. They were losing the war on all fronts, and military intervention in Eastern Poland or the Soviet Union was simply unfeasible. The Allies regained the means to intervene by late-1943, but the will remained absent. To allocate valuable resources, such as bombers or paratroopers to conduct raids and rescue attempts, would distract from the overarching goal of victory as the Allies begun the final push into fortress Europe. Moreover, by the time the Allies were certain of the Holocaust in 1944, most of those who would perish in the genocide were already gone. However, there were non-military actions that could have been taken from the war’s onset, such as the relaxation of immigration restrictions, the funding and establishment of refugee camps in neutral countries, and attempts to spread information regarding the Holocaust rather than suppress it.

Responsibility for the murder of the entire Jewish population lies primarily with the murderers themselves, but indirectly humanity as a whole is responsible – all of the Allied nations and their Governments, who to date have done nothing to stop the crime.

Though the fact that European Jews were being murdered was generally acknowledged in the Allied nations after 1942, the public, by and large, lacked the imagination to conceptualise the enormity of the situation. The results of a Gallup Poll conducted in the United States in…

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