The War Of Andrew Jackson Essay

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The fierce election of 1828, featured former president John Quincy Adams against the war hero Andrew Jackson. Jackson felt cheated due to the "corrupt bargain" during the election of 1824,and has decided to take one more shot at presidency. Jackson, the candidate who gained popular support from both the West and South, arrived victorious at the conclusion to the election of 1828. Despite his political campaign, some historians regard Jackson 's presidency as "great," which in terms places him among with the top tier of American presidents. Andrew Jackson, the seventh president, in my opinion doesn 't fit on that magnitude of placement. His presidential reputation is arguably controversial, and one that 's is difficult to simply address. In regards to his primary goals and achievements, he had some issues which contradict the value of being "great." Some factors that I will appraise on to determine the final grade are, overall character, the use of the spoils system, the tariff crisis, the bank issues, and the decision upon the trail of tears.
Jackson or "Old Hickory" was a tall striking figure, and a tough military man. He can be describe as a short tempered leader, who was constantly involved in duels. Jackson in many occasions, would challenge people out of anger. In general, his fierce temper isn 't one of his positive factor. His early experiences of being in an orphan at a young age, and the participation in the revolutionary war may have effected this. His short…

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