The War Of Afghanist The United States And Its Allies Against Terrorism

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The author of this article, want to demonstrate that the use of armed forces in an armed intervention in Afghanistan will be a just war. Only if the U.S. authorities limited ends and means correctly. The prestige of the international coalition will be at stake if not used legally and morally justified tactics. According to the author: “this one can be won only if tactics adhere to legal and moral constraints on the means used to conduct it, and to limited ends.” (Falk).
The article provides a service to the debate on international ethics by applying the principles of just war in the war waged by the United States and its allies against terrorism. The author provides an empirical analysis that faces the realism-idealism carried out by the Bush administration to avoid losing international support.
The author affirms that the “The war in Afghanistan against apocalyptic terrorism qualifies in my understanding as the first truly just war since World War II.” (Falk). With this statement, the author also wants to demonstrate that the war in Afghanistan will likely threaten not only US security but also Western countries and allies. He explained that the attackers could not be stopped without the use of force and it is possible that encourage others radicals groups. As argued: “a response that includes military action is essential to diminish the threat of repetition, to inflict punishment and to restore a sense of security at home and abroad.” (Falk)
The author of this article…

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