The War Of 1812 Was A Chance For The Americans Essay

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The War of 1812 was a chance for the Americans to try to expand their territory as well as their trading systems. They faced Britain, Canada, and the Native American Tribes in the hopes of becoming a more powerful and expanded nation, however this would prove to be harder than expected. They may not have accomplished the original goal that they set but from the war they were able to gain international respect as well as improve the internal attitude of their citizens and establish a sense of pride in their nation. Even when all other nations were uniting ageist the United States they still decided to defend their country an try to accomplish becoming a more powerful and respected nation. The War of 1812 was a chance for The Americans to try and heighten their respect an conquest as a nation and establish a powerful country while uniting the citizens. Overall, for Britain the War of 1812 was a possible event for them to gain land and search for conquest, but was not the main concern for them. The War of 1812 accounted for roughly seven percent of the military exports in France, and was seen more as a “sideshow” rather than a riveting battle conquest (Lambert). The main reason that the British were even part of the war was because of the Napoleonic conflict, and their only actual goal was to prevent the United States from obtaining any part of Canada. They hoped that revoking the Orders in Council, which were laws that stopped trading, would calm the Americans however,…

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